#138- Saving myself from eternal damnation one book at a time

My dad has been known to send me newspaper clippings, letters, “holiday cash” and other random things in the mail.  This week was a first- he sent me a chain mail letter, so:

I took part in a book exchange via snail mail. 

Thanks, Frank.  I had instructions to send to one of my dad’s friends a paperback that I have read.  I hope Bob enjoys his copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day.  I also sent my dad a copy of Proctology for Dummies.

Here’s the chain mail note:

Note my father’s personal note reads: “Just do it you big baby!” Such an encouraging voice he has.  If you find yourself squinting- it’s not an illusion- it’s written in hieroglyphics.


Fun factor: 5


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Loyster says:

    Apparently our father doesn’t think his other daughter can read.

  2. Frank says:

    What? I have an older daughter. I really have to start paying attention to my purchases when these European circuses come to town.
    I can’t believe the fun factor rating was only a “5.”
    P.S. I got a call from your proctologist. They found your head(an oldie but a goodie).

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