#141- Coming soon to a Four Seasons near you.

Tonight I am sitting at home relaxing.  Nothing planned, not too many immediate stresses.  We have no beer or drinkable wine in the house, so how about a cocktail?  With virtually no liquid mixers, I was forced to be creative.

I invented a cocktail.

The epicurean ingredients:

The end product:

RECIPE: one shot cheap vodka, 6 oz. water, 2 teaspoons Country Time dry lemonade mix, a pinch of desperation, a dash of maraschino cherry juice (from jar), 3 maraschino cherries.  Mix.  Drink.  Wince.  Wish you had friends. 

Fun factor: 8


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I think it’s more like a truckload of desperation. Maybe you should have mixed it all up in a small paper bag and drank out of it.

  2. She-Doggs says:

    Anything with those maraschino cherries works for me. Love em.

  3. Loyster says:

    Next time just do a shot and call it a day.

  4. Sundance says:

    Isn’t that pretty much the same exact drink you had in Ireland?


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