#145- Mild Adultery


Dear Blog,


I am a very bad owner. If you were human, you would have been taken to child services several months ago.  Luckily, the only side effect of my neglect has been hate mail from those readers whose quality of life has been drastically reduced during our absence.  Several things have happened since we last spoke including a weather change, a few holidays and the fact that:


I joined Facebook.


You see, I went on a journey to find myself, yet needed only to travel a few clicks to discover what life is really about: perusing Facebook.  I’m not sure why I really care about knowing when an acquaintance has added a new favorite quote to his page, but I do.  I often wonder why I spend time looking at a distant colleague’s weekend photos.  Why do I enjoy creating useless “groups” that only exist to garner a cheap laugh?


Don’t worry, this new friend doesn’t possess your decency or resilience; I’m sure it’s a temporary fix.  What’s important is I’m back and committed to giving us another try.  



Fun factor: 10+


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    Finally, you are back at it again! I’ve missed my daily dose of Shea.
    As for that neglected blog: write a few descriptive adjectives, throw in a couple of exciting exclamations, conjure up a half dozen sensory language-filled images,spin a yarn of grand proportions. All will be forgotten, and that wonderful child of parchment and pen that you birthed a mere 11 months ago will once again be a thought provoking, stimulating diary of all that is the “essence of Shea.” Bravo, my little wordsmith! Bravo!

  2. Loyster says:

    I don’t even know who you are anymore.


  3. She-Doggs says:

    I thought the problem was with my computer.

  4. She-Doggs says:

    Shea, I sure do hate to offer up yet another distraction to keep you from entertaining us. This is,of course, the most important thing you do each day but I really must introduce you to http://www.teachingamericanhistory.org. I have discovered one can spend hours poking around in here. I think your readers would enjoy it as well.

  5. Loyster says:

    After reading Frank’s comment…..maybe this site is better left abandoned.

  6. Frank says:

    I’m sure this is just your way of making a literary allusion to Dante’s Inferno. You refer , of course, to the sign over the gates of Hell, stating ,”Abandon hope, all ye who enter!” Is it not?

  7. Johanna says:

    Facebook? Never heard of it.

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