Potential Overkill

Many of you have shared your delight for the photo caption contests.  Regardless of the fact that most of you who have done so share the same last name, who am I to keep the people from having what they want?  I didn’t want to keep posting the contests on this blog, as it would go against the very point of the blog’s content: to do something new.  To remedy that, I started another blog that you can easily link to from this one, or that you can visit on its own, generously entitled Name That Idiot Photo. 

I will post a new photo each Monday.  You will have until Friday of that week to enter a caption in the comments.  A poll will go up on Friday, and you all will vote for your favorite.  And the winner?  Well, the winner will gain the esteem of having won a meaningless, loosely followed blog’s weekly caption contest.  

If I made an error in judgment here, and the contests experience little to no traffic, then I will promptly close the blog and no one is to ever speak of it again.  You hear me, internet?

p.s. For anyone who cares: I will be continuing Out With The Old! until I complete 365 new things.  I clearly won’t make it in 2008, as originally planned, but am determined to do so nevertheless.  Crack open that 40 oz., and enjoy for another year!


You decide this time…

#153- Our new buddy, Chaz

Last Saturday Nick had a birthday.   Since it was a special occasion, I planned a special dinner, and:

I ate at Charlie Trotter’s.  

The night was amazing.  The man, the myth, HIMSELF came over to our table to chat after our server told him that Nick was in culinary school.  I think Nick had a mild stroke at that moment.  A tour of the four wine cellars and the kitchen followed the meal.   I don’t know what the big deal is- who doesn’t have a bottle of wine rescued from the Titanic shipwreck?  Spare me.  

For those interested in the more mundane details, I wore this paired with a cute grayish-silver skirt, black tights and black heels.  


Fun factor: 10+++++

#151- Mission Accomplished

My friends Billy and Emily got engaged recently, so:

I threw them a surprise party.

The party ended up being really fun despite the fact that beforehand I threatened most of the guests with injury if they spilled the beans.

Willis and Emily enter the room.  Rumor has it one of them shit their trousers.



Hours later Emily is still in disbelief at how cool her friends are.



Fun factor: 10++