#151- Mission Accomplished

My friends Billy and Emily got engaged recently, so:

I threw them a surprise party.

The party ended up being really fun despite the fact that beforehand I threatened most of the guests with injury if they spilled the beans.

Willis and Emily enter the room.  Rumor has it one of them shit their trousers.



Hours later Emily is still in disbelief at how cool her friends are.



Fun factor: 10++


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bomber says:

    Cogsy!!! party planner of the year. love, Bomber & Willis

  2. Frank says:

    If this was the caption contest I would have the character in the picture on the wall saying,” It hasn’t been easy going through life with a penis for a nose.”

  3. sheryl says:

    But it’s not a caption contest, Frank.

  4. Frank says:

    I know you are , but what am I?

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