Caption Contest…back by virtual coup.




12 thoughts on “Caption Contest…back by virtual coup.

  1. (Cogsy under her breath) “Just smile for the nice people. Pretend you don’t notice these hats are moving…………hold the tail down if you have to. “

  2. Once again, multiple submissions just in case. 1)”Even though we only have seven fingers , we can still pick all four nostrils at once.”
    2)”I think I see the image of the Christ Child on the front of Ivanna’s hat.”
    3) “The alien’s little red beady eyes look through the window at a couple of the earth people’s most ignorant life forms.”
    4)”The latest pair of Russian Siamese twins are on display in Chicago. Clinic doctors will look into separating them at the cranial divide.”
    5)”This seal we are wearing really stinks. On the upside though, it tastes like chicken.”

  3. Are you both in the same coat?
    I’ll fix your ass…if we can’t share it no one will wear the damn coat!
    Oh the hats, did you get them for $19.95 + s&h on QVC….way after midnight?

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