#153- Our new buddy, Chaz

Last Saturday Nick had a birthday.   Since it was a special occasion, I planned a special dinner, and:

I ate at Charlie Trotter’s.  

The night was amazing.  The man, the myth, HIMSELF came over to our table to chat after our server told him that Nick was in culinary school.  I think Nick had a mild stroke at that moment.  A tour of the four wine cellars and the kitchen followed the meal.   I don’t know what the big deal is- who doesn’t have a bottle of wine rescued from the Titanic shipwreck?  Spare me.  

For those interested in the more mundane details, I wore this paired with a cute grayish-silver skirt, black tights and black heels.  


Fun factor: 10+++++


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mel713 says:

    Hey its your Cousin Melissa in FL I joined this beast of a blogging world, and I am quite confused by it. Is there a 6 week therapy course that can help me through this new process??

  2. mel713 says:

    I want that shirt! where’s it from? it looks jcrew(ish).

  3. cogsy says:

    Yes- J.Crew.

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