#164- I’d have been out before the start

I work for a set of high school campuses and yesterday I went to a fun/hilarious event at one of them.

I went to a Prime Bee.

Instead of a Spelling Bee, this campus hosts a Prime Bee each year at which one student from each grade competes to be crowned the one who can successfully name the most prime numbers.  Each student follows the next in naming consecutive prime numbers.  In order to save time, the emcees started at 401.  When I left they were at seven hundred something…so I am anxious to find out who won.  

The best part of it all was seeing the advertisements posted around the school.  The reigning champ, a skinny, seemingly humble kid, was photographed holding up both arms in the air while wearing huge boxing gloves.  The 2 competitors were on either side of him just staring. Good times.

Fun factor: 10


#163- Constipation Imminent

The Chopping Block hosts a series of wine education courses for civilians.  They’re a fun way to spend an evening and give one an opportunity to learn about wine from a source besides the movie Sideways.  

I went to a wine and cheese class.

We learned a lot of fun wine/cheese pairings and several fun tidbits of info.  

1. When a champagne bottle’s label reads “extra dry” it actually means it’s sweet.

2. The reason for the ubiquitous screw-cap and plastic cork bottles is not because of a cork shortage or because the wine is cheap.  It is a result of the notion that cork causes wine to go rancid more quickly.


Fun factor: 10

#162- Who dunnit?

Last weekend,

I hosted a murder mystery party.   It was a hilarious time.  You can buy these “kits” online and you are sent a script and materials to play out the scene.  We had 9 guests at the “Anonville Manor” that snowy evening.  

No one ever dreamed that Ms. Shugga Ann Flower (below) was capable of such an atrocity until we heard it from her own mouth.



She was always jealous of London Wilton and her promiscuous ways.



Fun factor: 10

#161- It all happened so fast

I was doing some Sunday cleaning tonight. I hate sweeping so although I have wooden floors, I use the vacuum when debris accrues on the floor. Using the hose feature, I start in the living room, head to the kitchen/dining room and then do my bathroom. Tonight I was vacuuming behind the door of my bathroom when:

I vacuumed up my undies.

Fun factor: 5

#160- Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I read a lot of personal finance blogs that document the writer’s attempt at reducing their debt or sticking with a budget.  It’s fun to peak into a person’s life and see how they run the show.  Many of them have recently posted about this offer.

I downloaded a free book.

The offer ends on January 15.  The book contains a lot of common sense, but I did pull a few interesting tips from it. It’s really short and you can just delete it after you read it.  Suze Orman’s personality kind of bugs me, but I don’t have to listen to her speak, so sure, I’ll take her free advice.  Kind of like how I subscribe to Rachel Ray’s magazine to get her ideas without having to hear her migraine-inducing voice.  

Fun Factor: 5

#159-Work that ass

Nick and I have folded since this post.  Once December hit, we felt we could not sustain another Chicago winter sans cable, so we phoned the Devil, known alternatively as Comcast, and signed up for their services again.  Oh, the shame.  Among other services, we purchased the On Demand service that allows us instant access to a variety of movies and shows in the event that nothing worthy is playing on the regular 300 cable channels.  Incidentally, this happens often.  I was combing through the options the other day and noticed a fun little perk, so:

I did an exercise video from On Demand.

If you have this service, check it out.  There are a TON of exercise videos you can access at any time and they are free with the service.  We live on the 3rd floor of our building, so I opted against the cardio stuff and went with 10-minute butt and thighs.  Only 678 more videos and I’ll be ready for a swimsuit.

Fun factor: 8

#158- Risk taker

There was a light snow tonight, so my roommate and I thought it would be fun to take a short walk.  We had just eaten dinner and he was craving hot chocolate, so we headed to Starbucks.  I got an apple juice.  We both got gift cards for Christmas, so one of us was going to cover the tab with that.  But whose to use, we wondered?  

I played gift card roulette. 

I lost.  Some of you may be familiar with “credit card roulette,” a game typically played by douche bags at a bar/restaurant involving each party to throw a credit card in the middle.  At which point they are shuffled and one is randomly selected to pay for everyone’s drinks and/or meals with said card.  This game is a direct indicator as to how big or small each card holder’s balls are.  

Gift card roulette, on the other hand, is a game played between friendly freeloaders.  

Fun Factor: 8