#156- Cliche (sorry- I can’t figure out how to enter the accent mark)

While I was home for the holidays, my dad came up with the idea of creating 50 New Year’s resolutions.  It sounded like something up my alley, so I went for it and:

I wrote down a lot of New Year’s resolutions.

I only got to 27, but that’s okay.  It turned out to be more of a goal list for 2009.   List below.  I will post updates to them in bold as they come.

  1. Do not incur ATM fees unless it’s an emergency- approximately 10 so far…lame.  I usually end up doing it when needing more quarters for laundry at the mat.  Terrible way to go. I suck.
  2. Redecorate (let’s be honest- decorate) my bedroom- painted room, bought two new lampshades and a new comforter
  3. Answer my phone when it rings- slightly better?
  4. Get a new phone that holds a charge- got a second third new battery….I think this is the one, folks!
  5. Create a sweet home filing system
  6. Go to 2 new cities- went to Des Moines for a wedding in May.  Adorable downtown!  Sonoma, CA scheduled for November.
  7. Limit candy intake- have changed this rule to allow candy ONLY at the movies. 🙂  This one is out. I suck.
  8. Keep up with my blog (get to 365 new things)- have added posts
  9. Get easy access to a washer/dryer- have created a good system of dropping off on my way to work, changing at lunch, and folding before heading home. 
  10. Send more thank you notes- sent lots 
  11. Increase 401K contribution- inquired about it with HR, and found out I can change it in March.  Increased 401K bimonthly contribution by 200%!!
  12. Work towards establishing a real, contrary to my current pretend, emergency fund- have remained steady on paycheck direct transfers to savings and have been adding most “windfalls” into my savings account (birthday checks, etc.). I suck.
  13. Make pasta from scratch
  14. Improve upon grocery shopping regularly- have gotten stuff for breakfasts and lunches 
  15. Send my nieces/nephew letters and/or fun packages- have actually purchased toys/clothes for this purpose and still have yet to send them one month later! wtf? Did manage to send niece a birthday package when she turned 4.  Started to become penpals with 6 year-old nephew.
  16. Choose a great excerpt to read for Emily and Billy’s wedding- started creeping around town to look for this.
  17. Buy a scooter
  18. Join a CSA again
  19. Take a pilates or bikram yoga class- took a Bikram yoga class
  20. Use coupons at the grocery store
  21. Run a race big or small- signed up to run the Shamrock shuffle on March 29.  5 miles.  The day came it was a blizzard.  No thanks.
  22. Read 5 books (small number, I know, but I suck at allotting myself enough time to read for pleasure)- read A Prayer For Owen Meany, Julie and Julia,  My Life in France, Water for Elephants, When You are Engulfed in Flames
  23. Track my spending.- have tracked every penny since Jan. 1.  And, WOW.
  24. Host a murder mystery party- did this on 1/17/09.  The pastry chef dunnit.
  25. Learn how to change a tire
  26. Go camping
  27. Take at least 20 credit hours of school- have taken 2 credit hours so far. What?

Fun factor: 8


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    This list looks like a good start. I’m still working on my list and hope to have it done soon. Good luck with accomplishing them all!

  2. shedoggs says:

    #18. What is that? The only CSA I know is the Confederate States of America. Is it that?

  3. pbades says:

    é = Alt + 0233

  4. Sheryl says:

    I got a kick out of #7. Can you be more specific?

  5. Bomber says:

    I would to take care of #4 if you promise not to lose it. I’ve been wanting to do it for 7 years now.

  6. pbades says:

    book recommendations: “Plenty” by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon couple from Vancouver eat local for a year, they alternate writing chapters of the book, really funny. “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder book about a doctor trying to stop TB in Hati, good for the non-profit soul.

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