#163- Constipation Imminent

The Chopping Block hosts a series of wine education courses for civilians.  They’re a fun way to spend an evening and give one an opportunity to learn about wine from a source besides the movie Sideways.  

I went to a wine and cheese class.

We learned a lot of fun wine/cheese pairings and several fun tidbits of info.  

1. When a champagne bottle’s label reads “extra dry” it actually means it’s sweet.

2. The reason for the ubiquitous screw-cap and plastic cork bottles is not because of a cork shortage or because the wine is cheap.  It is a result of the notion that cork causes wine to go rancid more quickly.


Fun factor: 10


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I think you should stop your whining! Also, I think your title,”Constipation Imminent,” ranks right up there with George and Jerry’s movie “Prognosis Negative.”

  2. mimi roushbomb says:

    Who needs to recap, replace a bottle!

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