#164- I’d have been out before the start


I work for a set of high school campuses and yesterday I went to a fun/hilarious event at one of them.

I went to a Prime Bee.

Instead of a Spelling Bee, this campus hosts a Prime Bee each year at which one student from each grade competes to be crowned the one who can successfully name the most prime numbers.  Each student follows the next in naming consecutive prime numbers.  In order to save time, the emcees started at 401.  When I left they were at seven hundred something…so I am anxious to find out who won.  

The best part of it all was seeing the advertisements posted around the school.  The reigning champ, a skinny, seemingly humble kid, was photographed holding up both arms in the air while wearing huge boxing gloves.  The 2 competitors were on either side of him just staring. Good times.

Fun factor: 10


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  1. Lauren says:

    That sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder how you train for something like that. I’m trapped at the Settlement right now listening to someone blaring Indian music and practicing belly dancing (with bells and all) on the second floor (though, with the noise level you’d think they were actually practicing in my ear). In an effort to drum up your comment count…I thought I’d leave one.

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