#168: Belay on, dude…

Johanna and I were discussing our goals and dreams over a light lunch the other day when we decided to become more outdoorsy in 2K9.   We generated lists of outdoorsy things including kayaking, white water rafting and hiking.   Ultimately we thought: what better way to start this process than by climbing on and indoor, man-made wall? 

I climbed on a man-made rock-climbing wall.

Regardless of the fact that it was indoors, we felt outdoorsy doing this.  And cool.  And our teacher was hot. And we incurred wedgie upon wedgie as we belayed and climbed for 3 hours at Lakeview Athletic Club.    It was a great time, and though I’m barely able to type this right now due to severe muscle failure, I can’t wait for next week.  I was proud of myself, as I made it to the top of the 65 foot wall!  I will take pictures then and update this post (I was going to wait until then to write the post, but my very pregnant sister all but threatened me when she emailed: “MY BELLY FEELS LIKE A BOWLING BALL…MY BACK HURTS LIKE A BIZOTCH…GIVE ME SOME ENTERTAINMENT!”).  For a brief moment I felt silly for complaining about my forearm pain.  Then I got over it.

Here is a teaser of the wall:



Fun factor: 10+


#166- Apparently I didn’t get the memo that we’re in a recession

One of my 2009 resolutions was to track my spending.  Not just a receipt here or there but record every cent.  So, for the month of January:

I tracked my spending for a month.

I created an excel spreadsheet to suit my needs and formulas to reflect different income sources and expense categories.  No huge surprises were found, just the massive shame that goes along with excessive spending.  I won’t get into amounts but I will share with you expense categories listed most to least dollars spent:

1. Home/ Beauty

2. Entertainment

3. Utilities

4. Eating out 

5. Shopping

6. Transportation

7. Groceries

8. Laundry

I plan to do this indefinitely and the idea is that eventually my thick skull will start to make smart spending choices. Like for example, lay off of the Bye Bye Bags treatment next time I “feel ugly.”

Fun factor: 10 (surprisingly fun to record this if you pretend it’s Monopoly money)

#165- Next up: underwear drawer

While some of you were watching Super Bowl XLIII, I was busy getting shit done.  Really important shit.

I used a label maker.

My dad got this as a present for me nearly a year ago and up until recently I’ve never remembered to buy the right batteries for it. So forgive me, Frank, that I’m just now getting to enjoy this gift.  And I’d like to apologize to myself for spending the last year without the device being operational.  


Fun factor: 10