#173- Label me: LOSER

After I became acquainted with my label maker, I began thinking of all sorts of things for its use.  So:

I labeled my toiletries with dates representing their first use.


 Yes, this is bizarre, but for some things, it might prove helpful.  God knows I have mascara bottles in my arsenal that are much older than their intended use.  But who can keep track of that shit?   I also think it will be fun to see how frequently or infrequently I use things.  For example, when I got a facial back in January, I was suckered into buy a $40 bottle of face wash.  Now, with the dated label staring at me everyday, I see it’s going on 2.5 months, and it’s still well over half way full.  The moral of the story is: I AM NOT A SUCKER. 


 Fun factor: Sadly, 10.


#172- Like a bunny

Lindsay and I had some time to kill before my flight left from LAX yesterday.  The other girls had an earlier departure time so we decided we would get breakfast at a cute little spot in Santa Monica after we dropped them off.  Fast forward to Lindsay following “her instincts” to get us to the road that runs parallel to the ocean and we soon realize we should just stick near the airport.  


I ate at an IHOP.





It was an intimate little affair.  I had the Nutella and banana crepes, Lindsay the eggs and toast.  It was everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Fun factor: 8

#171- Buggin Out

Last weekend I visited my friend Lindsay in Newport Beach.  On Sunday we took a little jaunt to Laguna Beach and did some window shopping.  There was a super cute candy store that sold lots of old-school candy and related trinkets.  My dad loves Skybars and I bought him five since they’re so hard to find.  There are currently two left.  Sorry, Dad.  I hate for you to find out this way about this super nice thing I did for you that won’t ever pan out.  

In any event, the store sold dried flavored crickets, so I bought a pack and:

I ate a bug.

Proof of purchase:













Proof of The Act:


Fun Factor: 6

#170- Strike a pose

Consider #19 of this list donzo.  

I did Bikram yoga.

The classes last for 90 minutes and there are 26 poses (below).






Holy shit was it hard.  The combination of the room being 105 degrees and me sucking at yoga made for an interesting attempt. I had to sit out for many of the poses, but I’m intrigued enough that I’ll go back.


Fun factor: 5

#169- I could get used to this

Forgive me, my long-lost friends…I’m a bit behind.  Never fear, I will enter some of my new things retroactively.  

Every year on my birthday I use a vacation day and bounce around town spending money on myself and dining out.  Because Revlon tells me I’m worth it.  This year a new element was added to the day:

I was served breakfast in bed.

Items: OJ, french-pressed coffee, egg and toast.



It was actually breakfast on the couch so that I could watch all the fun morning shows I miss while usually at the clink.  It was delicious and a fun way to spend the first hour of 29.  

Fun factor: 10