#174- Officially convinced all celebrities are living a lie

Oh, hi there!  Where have you been?  I won’t embarrass you by scolding you for your unfounded and heartless abandonment over these past few months.  I’m just glad you’re back.  I wondered if you left because I’m not aging well, so while you were gone, I’ve been busy.  For starters:

I got make-up airbrushed on my face.  

This new thing was done before friend Christina’s wedding.  Knowing about this wedding for a year in advance, I had plans to lose 20 pounds, tan and learn to speak Russian.  0 for 3.  So, I jumped on the train of bridesmaids who were getting their make-up airbrushed and the results looked awesome.  Though, I must say, when I gave the make-up artist permission to post ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos on her website, I forgot I was up until 8:00am the morning-of doing meth.







Fun factor: 10