#178- Up Yours

When I was home over the 4th, I was able to take my 4 year-old niece to the movie theater, so:

I facilitated another person’s “new thing”.

Sheryl, Cade and I took Sarah to see Up.  Not sure what happened in the movie, but below is a play-by-play of what was happening on the Sarah Show.

1. Sarah trying not to fall out of the seat since she was too light to weigh it down.

2. Sarah eating string cheese.

3. Sarah saying “Oooh, I’m cold, Shea.”

4. Sarah stretching out my new teal cardigan because she needed to cover her cold legs.

5. Sarah going to the bathroom twice.

6. Sarah eating Cade’s string cheese because he wasn’t hungry for “real food”.

7. Sarah getting scared of a friendly dodo-like bird.

8. Sarah eating cow tails.

9. Sarah eating a bag of M&M’s.

10. Sarah saying “I’m just going to take a quick nap, Shea.”

I might wait a few more years before taking that one out in public to the movies.
Fun factor: 10


Perks of Staying the Course

I just want to reward those of you who are regular readers by sharing some behind-the-scenes stats.  Today my blog was found by two unrelated but equally menacing Internet searches, which are transcribed below.

  • “Defile U.S. currency”
  • “Oops I crapped my pantyhose”

I’m not sure what this means for you as a reader, but I’m planning on considering an alternate hobby.

#177- Reality t.v. no longer an option

I met an Iron Chef.

And I acted like Cindy Brady.  Do you remember that episode when she’s all cocky because she’s chosen to be on the televised game show and suddenly she becomes too good for her siblings?  When she finally gets on stage and the camera zooms in on her annoying mug she clams up and her brain goes numb.  That’s basically what happened to me.  Not one word came out of my mouth. 


Maybe I would’ve been more talkative had I combined this new thing with this new thing.

Fun factor: 10+ (he was so hot/nice!)

#176- A real jam.

I packed lots of weird shit when I went home last weekend: citronella candles for my mother, a miniature picnic table condiment holder for my father and random other things for the nieces and nephew.  This left little room for things like purses and underwear.  What’s a girl to do?  

I used my camera case as a purse.



Inside I kept my identification, cash, debit card and lip balm all night. There was a camera in there too, with which I captured many fond memories including the above evidence of using its case a billfold.

Next up: I use my bra to collect shells on the beach.  

Fun factor: 5

#175- Stars and Stripes foreva

Last weekend my parents hosted Cocktails & Dreams: the Hamptons of the Midwest.

The spread of food available was quite plentiful; my Grandpa summed it up best when he said he “felt like a bear in a strawberry patch”.  I tried to help set up and cook as much as I could, but one thing I knew for certain was that damnit it if I was going to let another Independence Day pass without expressing my patriotism via the culinary arts.

I made an American flag cake.



Fun factor: 8