#177- Reality t.v. no longer an option


I met an Iron Chef.

And I acted like Cindy Brady.  Do you remember that episode when she’s all cocky because she’s chosen to be on the televised game show and suddenly she becomes too good for her siblings?  When she finally gets on stage and the camera zooms in on her annoying mug she clams up and her brain goes numb.  That’s basically what happened to me.  Not one word came out of my mouth. 


Maybe I would’ve been more talkative had I combined this new thing with this new thing.

Fun factor: 10+ (he was so hot/nice!)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie says:

    He is quite the cutie!

  2. Frank says:

    Are you sure this wasn’t Telly Savalas(I know he’s dead, but you never can be too sure). Perhaps it was Lex Luther of Superman fame. Also,with your red eyes, you could star in the Vampire Chronicles.

  3. lindsay says:

    i haven’t read your blog in so long and i apologize up front for not being a good friend and supporter. i have to say i am really jealous you met micheal symon. you are a real inspiration. miss you! can’t wait to check out bar symon when i come home this week. al is really stepping up their game.

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