#180- Double Dose

This is an embarrassing one considering I’m 29.  Perhaps I’ve done this and just didn’t make a mental note of doing so, but I’m fairly certain I haven’t.  I would say that I don’t see many movies, but sadly I don’t read many books.  (Until now- I’ve recently become obsessed with the hobby.)

I read a book and saw the movie based on the book.

The movie was Julie & Julia and the book was Julie & Julia.  I would recommend the book and the movie- both fun and light-hearted.  What I would really recommend is reading My Life in France– Julia Child’s tale of how she came to be the culinary personality we all know. 

Fun factor: 8


#179- Very Important Poser

I work for a network of schools and one of them is supported in part by the Chicago Bulls, so the other day:

I got a VIP tour of the United Center.

We saw the locker room, lounge, laundry room, press room, etc.  It was pretty sweet.   At the end, we were all stunned to see that Michael Jordan was visiting the facilities that day and he personally gave each of us an autograph!!!!

Just kidding on that last part.  It would have been a lot cooler if it was true.

Fun factor: 8