#182 – Trashers perform

For this new thing, I was able to check another thing off my life list (#8).

I sang karaoke.

An epic rendition of a song I don’t remember occurred in Sonoma, while on vacation.  We managed to find the one shithole bar in Sonoma that would accept our behavior standards, and we returned night after night.  I looked for a website online to include a link, but not surprisingly, Steiner’s doesn’t have a website.  It did have 19 reviews on Yelp, however.  My favorite came from Nick R., native to Sonoma: “A local gathering place for trashers.”  I enjoyed Charles J.’s synopsis, as well: “If you DID NOT vote for McCain, avoid this place!”

Emily and I sang together.  Post-performance, when I returned to our crowd of friends, I was shamelessly booed by all.  Apparently they thought I choked.  They said I had my hand in my pockets the whole time looking around like a scared otter.

Singing with soul.

Fun factor: 8


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kellina says:

    where’s the audio? what kind of low budget site you running these days?

  2. Frank says:

    First off, I love the table cloth that you are wearing! Secondly, I have heard you sing more than a few times and it’s no worse than a cat being strangled with piano wire. However, you could screw a 38 in my ear and I wouldn’t want to hear you do Karaoke. It’s so yesterday!

  3. Darling says:

    and there’s that B wearing the tree skirt in the corner. they were repulsive.

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