#189 – Get your Groupon

Contrary to what my immediate family believes (I’ll give them a shout out because they are the only humans who still read this blog), I love a good bargain.  So, when I heard about this new thing, I was pumped.

I signed up for Groupon updates.

Every day, Groupon emails me a “deal” with a target number of people needed to render the deal “on”.  The service is so popular in Chicago that most every deal is “on” after only a few hours.  The catch is that you have to purchase the deal within the time period allotted, which is usually 24 hours.  I’ve only purchased one deal so far: I spent $30 fora $75 gift certificate to Spring, which is a restaurant I wanted to go to anyways.   Good news for my fam- they have a Cleveland contingent.  Sign up today to receive discounts on psychic readings and anal reconstructive surgeries.

Fun factor: 8