#190- Not just for mall cops

This new thing was recommended at the onset of this whole adventure by a peculiar friend named Marty.
I took a Segway tour of Chicago.

My friend Emily turned 29 so I decided that a Segway tour was an adequate celebration for that feat.  I am also lazy as F and the thought of cruising around town without having to walk, bike or stand while waiting for the bus was appealing.  The company we elected to use took us along the lake, through the Bears’ stadium, Millennium Park and other touristy locales.  Although an overall pleasant experience, the best part of the 3-hour tour was a tie between (a) stopping for a Chicago style hotdog and (b) being constantly ridiculed by douche-bag pedestrians for being on a Segway. Those jackasses don’t understand life.

P.s. A picture is forthcoming, so get pumped.

Fun factor: (10)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kc77 says:

    The bitch is back!

  2. Frank says:

    This was a great segue to your blog! Just when I think I’m out, I get pulled back in! This is worse than the Mafia.

  3. kc77 says:

    Get the picture up already…….

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