#191- I’ll take the incompetent horse with the bum leg, please.

Among the many respectable goals on my life list was to bet on a horse race.  You want horse races?  Kentucky will shove horse races right up your ass if you ask it to.  On a recent trip to the Bluegrass State, a group of us visited Keeneland for some Saturday fun and:

I bet on a horse race.

I bet $5.  The woman helping me didn’t give a shit that it was my first bet ever.  She did mention she knew a good hairdresser that specialized in dye-jobs.

Watching my horse’s race.  Still could use a dye-job. And some posture lessons.


My horse came in dead last. Gambling blows and I hate horses.

Fun factor: 7


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  1. Loyster says:

    How do you know your horse didn’t win? I’m familiar w/ your gifted genes in the height department………….and based on your view from these pix, I think someone on bus shizzle may owe you some money.

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