#192- Fo shizzle

Since I surround myself with degenerates, at times we are forced to secure third-party transportation in order to enjoy ourselves during social functions.  On this recent trip, Keeneland was an hour away from where we were all staying, so we needed a DD:


I rode on the Bus Shizzle.
The Bus Shizzle was quite the experience.  The ride there was replete with innocent toasts among friends, views of the rolling hills of KY and silent prayers to higher beings hoping not to die from the 90 MPH speeds the ‘Shizzle was somehow reaching.  The ride home was a bit less tame.  Some theorists believe the 6 hours of bourbon drinking played a role in the changed behavior.

Fun factor: 10+


One Comment Add yours

  1. Loyster says:

    Thank god for Roushey’s personality, otherwise I would have thought bus shizzle was taking you to church.

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