#194: Monogamy

Hello my loyal follower!  Singular because I’m certain everyone has abandoned ship and left me alone to clean the bird feces from the dilapidated sails of this pathetic weblog.  You ungrateful bastards.  It’s just that I’ve been busy living and accomplishing so many new things.  That’s why I left you for 9 months.  Now don’t you feel badly for bitching about me to your friends, family, co-workers and the media?   Hopefully I can win you back with my recount of all that has occurred since January 8.  For starters:

I got engaged!

Yes, I will soon be able to check off numero 75 and I’m over the moon about it.

We met Emily & Billy for drinks after celebrating at an amazing dinner. She caught a shot of us as we entered the bar.

Fun Factor: 10+++++++


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    Now that you are back on the Blog scene one thing comes to mind : that one turd that swirls around in the toilet bowl and refuses to go away.
    As for the engagement: When did that happen?????????

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