#195: Eat a big one, P Diddy.

This new thing was UBES fun.  Brad accidentally came across it and a few weeks later we were:

Dining with a critical mass of humans in public, all wearing white and eating on white plates and white tablecloths with white accessories.   

Me setting up our Diamonds and Pearls table. Thanks for the inspiration, Prince or &$^*#$, depending on the decade.
Bon appetit!

We didn’t know the location of our white party until we met our “dinner captain” at the el stop we chose as our departure site.  The secret locale was Daley Plaza.  We brought sushi and wine.  We danced to the live music.  Fun times.

Apparently, these secret white parties started in Paris as a way to prove that a large group of refined strangers can gather together for a meal in public and not leave a footprint.  In Chicago, we managed to morph it into a place to sneak booze, leave city garbage cans overflowing and clog the port-o-potties.

Fun Factor: 10


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I’m sure nothing was implanted into your brains during the gathering. After eating dinner, everyone in the crowd goosestepped arm and arm down the boulevard with a glazed look, that appeared to both terrify and startle onlookers who showed up to throw black fountain pen ink all over your pristine wardrobe. However, Brad was singled out(in a bad way) for having that garish black drawing of a poodle jumping for scraps on his shirt. No can do Brad!

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