#196: Finally an appropriate venue for Jazz Hands!

This was the Summer of the Festival.  When I first moved to Chi-town, I attended some of the various street festivals, mostly as a means to get drunk before heading to the bars.  This summer, I actually read about them and chose which ones to attend based on their purpose or neighborhood.  Among others:

I went to Jazz Fest

We started off the day at our place, sipping on Vermontucky Lemonade, which was delish.  Off we were to enjoy Emily’s picnic feast of marcona almonds, cheese, yummy crackers, etc.

The gang relaxing and enjoying Emily's delish picnic spread.

This was one of two festivals I went to along the lake at Grant Park (other was Blues Fest).  Why did I not do this sooner?  The space is large enough to accommodate the large mass of people and in addition to live music, they have lots of independent vendors to explore.  In fact, Brad and I got buzzed enough to purchase 2 large pieces of art from one of them.

Possibly induced by the Vermontucky lemonades...

Fun Factor: 10


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  1. Frank says:

    A few astute observations of the pictures from my perspective : A) #1 appears to show (from left to right) : A set of Siamese twins, awaiting separation surgery, connected at the head and chin, Annie Sullivan, D Dlugosz, Russell Crowe, and I don’t know. B) #2 Emily appears to be a dead ringer for Hillary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby.” (Before the beating by the mannish woman boxer) C) #3 Brad could be the star of the new Japanese horror thriller, “Beerzilla,” if he would only grab the building behind him and hit the unsuspecting partygoer with it.

  2. emily says:

    Frank, no joke…I get the Hillary Swank comment often. Who am I going to knock out though?

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