#197: Queen of the World

My friend Molly and I went on vacation together in January, so:

I went on a cruise.

Check, #22.  Our boat was called Oasis of the Seas and I think Molly and I would have volunteered to clean up the vomit from each deck floor if they would let us stay forever.  Yummy food, drinks and entertainment.  Casinos, simulated surfing game, basketball courts, dozens of restaurants, plays and musicals, etc. I’ve heard people say they hate the feeling of being cooped up on a boat for a week.  Clearly they did not have a balcony room on this effing boat.

Fun Factor: 10


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    A few corrections: 1)You have no friends, 2) The boat was named “The Basis of Diseases,” 3) You guys did cleanup the vomit off the deck floors as you were shanghaied from a bar near Lake Michigan and had to work off your fare, 4) Tablecloths should not be used as head decor.

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