#198: Mass Exodus

We recently went to a Notre Dame football game with my parents.  After tailgating, eating dippin dots and a hot dog:

I, and several thousand other humans, evacuated a college football stadium.

The day was bizarre.  It was about 95 degrees when we were tailgating so when the rain came, it was actually quite nice.  Next thing you know, we were being ushered out of the stadium because of the impending storm.  First time in its history the stadium was cleared like that.  I guess there’s worse things in history to be part of, but it was pretty lame.

Posing before the storm hit.

Fun Factor: 3


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    The next morning,after listening to Father Tim’s homily, taking communion and generally staying awake the entire time, I left church and therefore also made a “Mass Exodus.”

  2. Kellina says:

    I enjoyed the static phone calls with cryptic messages about “evacuation” and “running from the stadium”.

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