#201: Green is the new Loser Degenerate

In May I moved to an apartment on Green Street.  So, naturally:

I hosted a Green Party.

I mailed invitations and invited my 3 friends (literally, there were a total of three households invited) to come over and celebrate the move with a “green” theme.  (Luckily, I had 2 friends visiting from out of town that weekend to increase attendance by 33%.)

The only guidance given was to be creative.  A man that will remain unnamed warned me that these directions given to prospective guests were far too vague.  To which I responded, GET OFF MY BALLS.  We made green food, got green bottled beers and had a signature green cocktail.  I was pumped.

Probably should have been a bit more specific.  Two people came with a bouquet of flowers as their green (not overlooking the sweet gesture, but definitely a sell-out); one person came with a $1 pinned to her shirt.  One person wore a shirt that could be loosely described as green in color.  One out-of-towner did not dress up at all.  The other did get an A+ for effort because she made a shirt depicting a recycle symbol for the occasion.I dressed as Alan Greenspan.  Since the costume portion of the party was a failure, the drinking portion was certainly going to be successful: I got hammered and passed out by 10pm.  I showed them.

My co-host, however, did compensate for our loser friends with his costume.  Warning: the following photo is suitable only for those with highly impaired vision.

Fun Factor: 7


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    The co-host looked like the space robot from “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” All I can say is, “Nicktu, Klactu, Barona” (or whatever the hell the spaceman said to him).

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