#202: A River Ran Through It

One night this summer, we got dressed up, went out to a fun dinner and then:

I went on a riverboat architectural cruise.

Two avid readers might claim that this is not a new thing because I have, in fact, been on a riverboat architectural cruise before. However, this one was different in that it was at night and it was a COCKTAIL cruise.  Sorry, Mom, sneaking in a flask of Hennessy for the 8am cruise doesn’t count.  It was awesome.  I liked the first one too, but something about it being at night as the buildings are all lit up, with wine, made it better.


One thought on “#202: A River Ran Through It

  1. You are a regular Popeye! You were teetering on the edge of the boat when you went with us and were stone sober. I can just imagine your sealegs with a few cocktails in ya.

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