#209: Move over, Martina.

Brad and I have had a hankering to play tennis recently, but can never seem to make time.  Feeling obese, coupled with getting new tennies last week, proved enough motivation to get out there on the courts, so:

I played tennis after dark.

I'm the loser pretending to exercise in the dark.

We left our place around 5:45 and didn’t realize how quickly it has been getting dark lately.  We biked to the courts and by the time we arrived, we had about 4 minutes of daylight.

Fun factor: 6


#208: Add bank vault to my list of disappointing realities…

Last weekend, I went out for dinner and decided to have a pre-dinner cocktail beforehand.  I was born to be an extra in Mad Men.  And:
I went to a bar housed in an old bank vault.

The Bedford was dimly lit, mysterious and fun, but a little disappointing.  As Brad accurately surmised, I always imagined bank vaults to be more like the Ducktails version, with Scrooge McDuck diving around in piles of gold coins and paper money while wearing a striped singlet.  Instead, it’s a bunch of boring safe deposit boxes lining a square room.

Fun factor: 7

#207: Paper by Shea Takes Over the World

I’ve been making handmade greeting cards for years.  A few years ago, I opened an Etsy shop, but didn’t do a good job of keeping up with it.  I picked it up again and:

I sold one of my handmade cards online!

Balloon Card

Cake cards!

Pennant Card

You, too, can search and purchase the products here and help a sista out.   While you’re at it, become a fan of Paper by Shea on Facebook!   (Yes, this post has been sponsored by Paper by Shea.)  I’m in a phase where I’m obsessed with this.  I’ve now made two online sales and have two custom orders that I’m working on, one for party invitations and one for holiday cards doubling as baby announcements.  If you have a need for any greeting cards, invitations, gift tags and other handmade gifts (Birthday Box, anyone?!), consider ordering from Paper by Shea.  I would encourage you to hurry up and place your orders before I die from carpel tunnel!

PS- my adorable Paper by Shea logo was created by the utterly talented artist, Angel Busque. I’m in love with her work and with the logo she made specially for my budding company.  Thanks, Angel!

Fun Factor: 10+

#206: Bakin’ with my Bestie

Bomber threw us one hell of an engagement party this summer so I wanted to do something besides write her a thank you note.   She had mentioned a few times around August that she was itching to bake a pie from scratch, so:

I had a PIE PARTY!!

I gathered recipes, flour, sugar, fruit, fillings, aprons, butter and love and she came over and we went to town.  We made everything from scratch and ended the day very proud.

The fillings

Uncooked - not bad for 2 first-timers!

60 minutes later....it was delish!

There were 3 pies on the agenda: apple, pear creme brulee tart & pumpkin mousse.  We made 1.5, all told…oops.  Although we didn’t complete all three, it was a super fun and relaxing day.  I would highly encourage you all to take a personal day to bake pies sometime in the near future.

Fun factor: 10+

#205: Lard with a side of honey badger, please.


I ate at a vegan restaurant. 

Last Friday, Brad and I went to this restaurant and not until we were waited on did we realize the restaurant was vegan.  The spot is on our street and always looks so adorbs.  The menu items use terms like pork, crab, chicken and cheese, which threw us off a little.  For example, we ordered the cheese plate and sort of still expected actual cheese.  Because we are morons.  Instead, we were presented with 5 pieces of raw vegetable ground up with some mystery ingredient.  Pretty good, though.  Entrees were portabella steak with potatoes and “crab” pasta. Overall, everything was pretty good.  Then again, this was the same meal that I fell back off the wagon…

Fun factor: 7

#204: Sober Living

Side note- just noticed on my stat dashboard that people arrived to my blog by searching “mom is doing the babysitter” and “balloons play.”  I’m going to go take a shower.

Anywho, I enjoy a cocktail or five once a in a while and so I thought it might be nice to pull the breaks a bit and slow down the beverage intake.

I stopped drinking alcohol for 20 days.

I realize there’s a few things that might be cause for concern here. Have I never gone 20 consecutive days without drinking? Of course before I turned 21 yes, but since then, I’m not so sure.  Not that I am chugging Boones Farm every weekend but I probably haven’t gone 20 consecutive days without having a least a beer or glass of wine, no.  The sad reality is I aimed to go for a month and caved on day 20.  I felt good for the 20 days and only once did I miss it terribly, when Emily and I went to our favorite margarita-day-drinking-joint, Big Star.  I powered through, though.

Unfortunately, I did notice that some of my loved ones seem to enjoy my company less during my 3 weeks of spiritual enlightenment, making comments like “isn’t that over yet?”  “Why, again, are you doing this?”  “This is stupid.” And my favorite, “please don’t become an alcoholic because that would suck if you had to get sober for good.”

About to be back off the wagon.


Feelings of guilt ensue.


Fun factor: 6