#206: Bakin’ with my Bestie

Bomber threw us one hell of an engagement party this summer so I wanted to do something besides write her a thank you note.   She had mentioned a few times around August that she was itching to bake a pie from scratch, so:

I had a PIE PARTY!!

I gathered recipes, flour, sugar, fruit, fillings, aprons, butter and love and she came over and we went to town.  We made everything from scratch and ended the day very proud.

The fillings
Uncooked - not bad for 2 first-timers!
60 minutes later....it was delish!

There were 3 pies on the agenda: apple, pear creme brulee tart & pumpkin mousse.  We made 1.5, all told…oops.  Although we didn’t complete all three, it was a super fun and relaxing day.  I would highly encourage you all to take a personal day to bake pies sometime in the near future.

Fun factor: 10+


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Frank says:

    I’ve heard they also bake “pies from scratch” in the Third World countries. It has a slighty different meaning though:A scratch of epidermis, a pinch of scalp flakes, a scab or two of infectious fluids and you have a tasty concoction that will wow the in-laws around the holidays!

  2. kc77 says:

    Some of us are heading to lunch Frank, for crying out loud.

  3. patty says:

    those pies look mighty tasty……

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