#220: Run for the Roses

Brad is from Louisville and was missing his hometown a lot last weekend, because he’s never missed a Derby in Louisville.  We had to do something so:

We hosted a Kentucky Derby Party!

First step: Roses, duh!

Step #2: Local delicacies…only got a “before” picture on this.  Just use your imagination to insert pimento and benedictine sandwiches, mini hotbrowns and bourbon balls.  I had so many bourbon balls in the days after the party that I was permadrunk.

Step #3: Two words- MINT JULEPS.  We had a mint julep bar that included HOMEMADE mint simple syrup.

Here’s the extra mint for garnish:

Step #4: Have a Betting Parlour.

Step #5: Have a best-dressed contest.

The remaining steps – in no particular order- involve a beer run, breaking out the bourbon brought as a hostess gift, line-dancing and crashing a new neighbor’s Derby Party.

Fun factor: 10


#219- Ye Old Ball-n-Chain

I continue to chip away at my life list: #75 is officially donzo!

I got married!

In April, Brad and I traveled to Charleston with 65 of our closest friends and family to tie the knot.  It’s been about a month and I’m still depressed that it’s over because it was the most perfect trip/week I could have imagined.  We had blue grass, barbeque, booze and lots of love.  The best part of the whole affair was the resulted in the fact that I get to live the rest of my life with this human:

I love him!

Fun Factor: 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++