#224: Born in the USA

One of Brad and my New Year’s resolutions was to see more live music.  We accomplished that.  We’ve been to one music festival, one music cruise that included around 10 bands, and a handful of concerts in different venues.  One of the biggest names we saw was that of domestic fame:

I saw the Boss in concert.

I obviously knew many of his songs by virtue of growing up both in the 80’s and the midwest.  The Boss and I also share a love for bandanas.  What blew me away was the E-street Band!  There were so many musicians and instruments.  Like a lot.  The whole affair was great.

I think you have to drink an American watery brew before any Springsteen show, right?  We threw down a few at Sheffie’s beer garden.


Wrigley Field provided a fun venue for an outdoor summer concert:


Post-concert milkshakes at the Hollywood Grill.


Fun factor: 9


#223: Who Ya Gonna Call?

I was a little bummed that our vacation this year (more on that in a separate post – it was a doozie) coincided with Halloween.  Since I’m now a big bad homeowner, I was excited to participate in the portion of society that hands out candy to adorable trick-or-treating tots. We did get to experience a bit of the holiday’s flavor, though:

I attended a Halloween parade.

I didn’t know these things happened, but they do in Louisville!  We live near a fun street, which played host to a solid couple of hours of costume-wearing humans and decorated vehicles.  There were two highlights.   One – and I unfortunately did not capture this on video/photo – was a group of about 30 kids (and I mean children) doing the thriller dance.  They were seriously so good.  It may have been the cutest, coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed, which is both inspiring for those youth and very sad for me.  The second highlight was this:



Fun factor: 8

#222: Cheers

In the 4 years since I started this blog, I’ve noticed two consistent trends within the content of my posts.  #1  I eat a lot. #2  I drink a lot.  Just an observation.

I toured a bourbon distillery.

Good friends Emily and Willis visited us in October and we wanted to show them some of the outskirts of Kentucky in the fall.  We took a drive to Bardstown, and then we toured the Maker’s Mark distillery.  From my basic education, I knew that alcohol came from fermenting grains, plants, oats and corn, but I didn’t really understand what that may look like until we were standing over this vat of what resembled vomit:


What human thought up THAT process way back when…  You know what?  I’ve been thinking. I bet if I leave some oats out for a long time and mix it with some shit and leave it marinating, it will form a liquid that I can then strain, refine and imbibe.  After that, I’ll probably streak my neighbor’s house while listening to power ballads.

Maker’s Mark was adorable and incredibly efficient from what we could gather on the tour.  They only have like 25 employees who maintain the distillery that supplies the entire world with their goods.  (Emily was a little less trusting than the rest of us and couldn’t shake the impression that our tour guide was hiding something.)

All of their buildings are painted in this black and red.  Not just for looks, though.  The warehouses that hold the barrels are painted black so that the sun’s heat flocks to them and ages the bourbon.  I’m a wealth of knowledge.


Barrel House:


Fun factor: 10

#221: I will DIY to bankruptcy, damnit!

Sorry for the delay.  It took me 6  months to find the password to this blog.  But you’re used to my abuse by now.  I’ve been working on the life-list ever so since we last gathered.  This post is about numero 6.

I now own property!

Brad and I moved to Louisville a few months ago and bought the cutest, sweetest little cupcake of a house and named her Victoria.  She was born in 1900 and has her flaws, but overall, she’s a doll.  We have been spending the kind of copious amounts of money that only DINKs are stupid enough to waste on buying new furniture, paint and other whatnots for the past few months.  Emergency fund shmamergency fund.

Vicki, looking autumnal:


A tiny glimpse into the kitchen:


And, quite possibly my favorite room.  Drumroll, please.

Paper By Shea’s World Headquarters (!!):


Fun factor: 10++++