#222: Cheers

In the 4 years since I started this blog, I’ve noticed two consistent trends within the content of my posts.  #1  I eat a lot. #2  I drink a lot.  Just an observation.

I toured a bourbon distillery.

Good friends Emily and Willis visited us in October and we wanted to show them some of the outskirts of Kentucky in the fall.  We took a drive to Bardstown, and then we toured the Maker’s Mark distillery.  From my basic education, I knew that alcohol came from fermenting grains, plants, oats and corn, but I didn’t really understand what that may look like until we were standing over this vat of what resembled vomit:


What human thought up THAT process way back when…  You know what?  I’ve been thinking. I bet if I leave some oats out for a long time and mix it with some shit and leave it marinating, it will form a liquid that I can then strain, refine and imbibe.  After that, I’ll probably streak my neighbor’s house while listening to power ballads.

Maker’s Mark was adorable and incredibly efficient from what we could gather on the tour.  They only have like 25 employees who maintain the distillery that supplies the entire world with their goods.  (Emily was a little less trusting than the rest of us and couldn’t shake the impression that our tour guide was hiding something.)

All of their buildings are painted in this black and red.  Not just for looks, though.  The warehouses that hold the barrels are painted black so that the sun’s heat flocks to them and ages the bourbon.  I’m a wealth of knowledge.


Barrel House:


Fun factor: 10


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