#223: Who Ya Gonna Call?


I was a little bummed that our vacation this year (more on that in a separate post – it was a doozie) coincided with Halloween.  Since I’m now a big bad homeowner, I was excited to participate in the portion of society that hands out candy to adorable trick-or-treating tots. We did get to experience a bit of the holiday’s flavor, though:

I attended a Halloween parade.

I didn’t know these things happened, but they do in Louisville!  We live near a fun street, which played host to a solid couple of hours of costume-wearing humans and decorated vehicles.  There were two highlights.   One – and I unfortunately did not capture this on video/photo – was a group of about 30 kids (and I mean children) doing the thriller dance.  They were seriously so good.  It may have been the cutest, coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed, which is both inspiring for those youth and very sad for me.  The second highlight was this:



Fun factor: 8


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