#226: Not in Kansas anymore.

Louisville has a lot nice parks and we are lucky enough to live near Cherokee Park, which has a great walking/running/biking path.  It was unseasonably warm a few weekends ago, so we went on a walk.  I came across some good-ass nature, including:

I saw a rainbow tree.


I am gifting the name to the tree; I did not look up the plant’s genus or species.  Right now, I’m proud for my ability to recite those science terms  from my 7th grade brain.  Good instruction, Mrs. Nash.   I digress.  The tree is shaped like a rainbow, so that’s what I called it.  Typically, I like to reserve posts for action-oriented new things, but this was visually stunning and deserved a post, IMHO.  Also, I’m really boring lately, so I haven’t done many new things.
Fun factor: 7


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