#227: Nog me, Bartender.

The most recent holiday season was the first time I was celebrating it in my very own home, which translated into me wanting to do everything I normally do, but on steroids. I started listening to Christmas music in late October (no joke). I hosted gift wrapping parties with myself, drinking hot cocoa and blaring holiday tunes. I made handcrafted gift tags. I put up a tree and other greenery with white lights. These types of behaviors are typically reserved by my sister, who has an unhealthy obsession with Christmas. But my favorite occurrence of all was the fact that:

I embraced eggnog.

I have tried eggnog in the past and thought it was just okay. This year, I realized I was always missing the bourbon. Try it and tell me I’m wrong. It’s delicious. A little glass with some ice, Maker’s Mark and nog? All of the lactose-induced farts were worth it.


Fun factor: 8


One Comment Add yours

  1. p says:

    Between Willis and TRoushy, we kicked back an eggnog or two……. me likey!

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