Hat Trick

You might remember the first annual Sheader Derby Party?  Well, we did it up then but one thing was missing from the first annual celebration.  This year:

I wore a fascinator!

I knew I was meant to be a southerner or a British old maid.


Fun factor: 10


#227: Nog me, Bartender.

The most recent holiday season was the first time I was celebrating it in my very own home, which translated into me wanting to do everything I normally do, but on steroids. I started listening to Christmas music in late October (no joke). I hosted gift wrapping parties with myself, drinking hot cocoa and blaring holiday tunes. I made handcrafted gift tags. I put up a tree and other greenery with white lights. These types of behaviors are typically reserved by my sister, who has an unhealthy obsession with Christmas. But my favorite occurrence of all was the fact that:

I embraced eggnog.

I have tried eggnog in the past and thought it was just okay. This year, I realized I was always missing the bourbon. Try it and tell me I’m wrong. It’s delicious. A little glass with some ice, Maker’s Mark and nog? All of the lactose-induced farts were worth it.


Fun factor: 8

#225: V.I.S.

I visited my good friend Suzanne this weekend in Asheville, NC.  What a pretty town!  We did lots of catching up and went on a million cute outings and meals.   I also got to:

Privately shop in a store.

Suzanne works at the cutest little boutique, The Gardener’s Cottage, every Saturday.  The store is closed on Sundays, so we went in for a quick peak to look around.  It was so cute and fresh-smelling and homey.



I wanted to purchase everything in sight, but instead walked away with just one thing.   I bought this glass liquor bottle, as we’re collecting different shapes and sizes of them to place above one of our mantles:

liquor bottle

Fun Factor: 10

#224: Born in the USA

One of Brad and my New Year’s resolutions was to see more live music.  We accomplished that.  We’ve been to one music festival, one music cruise that included around 10 bands, and a handful of concerts in different venues.  One of the biggest names we saw was that of domestic fame:

I saw the Boss in concert.

I obviously knew many of his songs by virtue of growing up both in the 80’s and the midwest.  The Boss and I also share a love for bandanas.  What blew me away was the E-street Band!  There were so many musicians and instruments.  Like a lot.  The whole affair was great.

I think you have to drink an American watery brew before any Springsteen show, right?  We threw down a few at Sheffie’s beer garden.


Wrigley Field provided a fun venue for an outdoor summer concert:


Post-concert milkshakes at the Hollywood Grill.


Fun factor: 9

#223: Who Ya Gonna Call?

I was a little bummed that our vacation this year (more on that in a separate post – it was a doozie) coincided with Halloween.  Since I’m now a big bad homeowner, I was excited to participate in the portion of society that hands out candy to adorable trick-or-treating tots. We did get to experience a bit of the holiday’s flavor, though:

I attended a Halloween parade.

I didn’t know these things happened, but they do in Louisville!  We live near a fun street, which played host to a solid couple of hours of costume-wearing humans and decorated vehicles.  There were two highlights.   One – and I unfortunately did not capture this on video/photo – was a group of about 30 kids (and I mean children) doing the thriller dance.  They were seriously so good.  It may have been the cutest, coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed, which is both inspiring for those youth and very sad for me.  The second highlight was this:



Fun factor: 8

#202: A River Ran Through It

One night this summer, we got dressed up, went out to a fun dinner and then:

I went on a riverboat architectural cruise.

Two avid readers might claim that this is not a new thing because I have, in fact, been on a riverboat architectural cruise before. However, this one was different in that it was at night and it was a COCKTAIL cruise.  Sorry, Mom, sneaking in a flask of Hennessy for the 8am cruise doesn’t count.  It was awesome.  I liked the first one too, but something about it being at night as the buildings are all lit up, with wine, made it better.

#201: Green is the new Loser Degenerate

In May I moved to an apartment on Green Street.  So, naturally:

I hosted a Green Party.

I mailed invitations and invited my 3 friends (literally, there were a total of three households invited) to come over and celebrate the move with a “green” theme.  (Luckily, I had 2 friends visiting from out of town that weekend to increase attendance by 33%.)

The only guidance given was to be creative.  A man that will remain unnamed warned me that these directions given to prospective guests were far too vague.  To which I responded, GET OFF MY BALLS.  We made green food, got green bottled beers and had a signature green cocktail.  I was pumped.

Probably should have been a bit more specific.  Two people came with a bouquet of flowers as their green (not overlooking the sweet gesture, but definitely a sell-out); one person came with a $1 pinned to her shirt.  One person wore a shirt that could be loosely described as green in color.  One out-of-towner did not dress up at all.  The other did get an A+ for effort because she made a shirt depicting a recycle symbol for the occasion.I dressed as Alan Greenspan.  Since the costume portion of the party was a failure, the drinking portion was certainly going to be successful: I got hammered and passed out by 10pm.  I showed them.

My co-host, however, did compensate for our loser friends with his costume.  Warning: the following photo is suitable only for those with highly impaired vision.

Fun Factor: 7