#226: Not in Kansas anymore.

Louisville has a lot nice parks and we are lucky enough to live near Cherokee Park, which has a great walking/running/biking path.  It was unseasonably warm a few weekends ago, so we went on a walk.  I came across some good-ass nature, including:

I saw a rainbow tree.


I am gifting the name to the tree; I did not look up the plant’s genus or species.  Right now, I’m proud for my ability to recite those science terms  from my 7th grade brain.  Good instruction, Mrs. Nash.   I digress.  The tree is shaped like a rainbow, so that’s what I called it.  Typically, I like to reserve posts for action-oriented new things, but this was visually stunning and deserved a post, IMHO.  Also, I’m really boring lately, so I haven’t done many new things.
Fun factor: 7


#26- Soooo 42,000 BC

When I see people litter it really does make my skin crawl. I in no way live a perfect lifestyle, but must you really throw an item on the ground? It’s so neanderthal. Normally when I witness such an atrocity, I give a death stare to the criminal. And that’s really effective. But today, I took a (slightly) less passive-agressive route and:

I picked up a person’s litter in front of them and threw it in the nearest garbage.

I won’t pretend I taught the culprit a lesson that she’ll take with her for life. In fact, she didn’t even acknowledge me or the act, but it did make me feel good. And that’s really what this blog is all about.

Fun Factor: 7

#3- I used to be a junkie

I’ve been meaning to do new thing #3 for a while now, but perhaps this blog has jump-started the process: 

I have taken steps to reduce the amount of junk mail I receive.

I consider myself to be moderately environmentally conscious.  I do try to decrease my footprint and in my former, pre-junk mail life, I would bring the stack of unused, unread catalogs in to work and place them in the recycle bin.  And we all know that stuff is taken to top notch recycling facilities.   Hey- the thought was there.

So what did I do?  I went to a couple of websites and followed simple directions.  The first one, Catalog Choice, allows you to choose which specific catalogs you no longer want to receive.  I eliminated at least 8 that I regularly receive- J.Crew, L.L. Bean, and Babes in Boob Land to name a few.

The second site, Opt Out, allows you to temporarily or permanently opt out of snail-mail credit card offers.  Those companies love jackasses like me who opened a bunch of cards back in my younger, wilder years, so I receive LOTS of these.

 Those two things define the bulk of my snail mail, so for now, I do feel as though I have drastically reduced my share.  I found out about the websites from an email group that sends to me A Fresh Squeeze, who provide me with many useful tips for going green.   You too, can sign up to receive these free emails (although many of the tips are user-friendly regardless of geographic location, I do think they are based out of Chicago and Seattle and therefore cater to that population).  I have used several of their tips.

Fun Factor: 5