#221: I will DIY to bankruptcy, damnit!

Sorry for the delay.  It took me 6  months to find the password to this blog.  But you’re used to my abuse by now.  I’ve been working on the life-list ever so since we last gathered.  This post is about numero 6.

I now own property!

Brad and I moved to Louisville a few months ago and bought the cutest, sweetest little cupcake of a house and named her Victoria.  She was born in 1900 and has her flaws, but overall, she’s a doll.  We have been spending the kind of copious amounts of money that only DINKs are stupid enough to waste on buying new furniture, paint and other whatnots for the past few months.  Emergency fund shmamergency fund.

Vicki, looking autumnal:


A tiny glimpse into the kitchen:


And, quite possibly my favorite room.  Drumroll, please.

Paper By Shea’s World Headquarters (!!):


Fun factor: 10++++


#220: Run for the Roses

Brad is from Louisville and was missing his hometown a lot last weekend, because he’s never missed a Derby in Louisville.  We had to do something so:

We hosted a Kentucky Derby Party!

First step: Roses, duh!

Step #2: Local delicacies…only got a “before” picture on this.  Just use your imagination to insert pimento and benedictine sandwiches, mini hotbrowns and bourbon balls.  I had so many bourbon balls in the days after the party that I was permadrunk.

Step #3: Two words- MINT JULEPS.  We had a mint julep bar that included HOMEMADE mint simple syrup.

Here’s the extra mint for garnish:

Step #4: Have a Betting Parlour.

Step #5: Have a best-dressed contest.

The remaining steps – in no particular order- involve a beer run, breaking out the bourbon brought as a hostess gift, line-dancing and crashing a new neighbor’s Derby Party.

Fun factor: 10

#219- Ye Old Ball-n-Chain

I continue to chip away at my life list: #75 is officially donzo!

I got married!

In April, Brad and I traveled to Charleston with 65 of our closest friends and family to tie the knot.  It’s been about a month and I’m still depressed that it’s over because it was the most perfect trip/week I could have imagined.  We had blue grass, barbeque, booze and lots of love.  The best part of the whole affair was the resulted in the fact that I get to live the rest of my life with this human:

I love him!

Fun Factor: 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

#218: I thought it was a booger but it’s snot.

After months and years of hearing people say that it was the best thing that ever happened to them,

I finally tried the neti pot.

Before I tried it, I was scared of it in the same way I’m scared of putting eye drops in or chipping my teeth- it just seemed like it would be so uncomfortable.  I’m happy to report it wasn’t.  I did not experience the same level of drainage that others discuss when talking about the benefits.  “Gobs of snot”….”stuff you couldn’t imagine”…and “nasty shit” being the aforementioned benefits. Instead, most of the solution just drained out the other nostril.  Afterwards, I felt a little lighter, a little clearer, a little more like a Cover Girl.  I will do it again, my friends.

The goods.


Did I mention you look really hot when you're doing it?


Fun factor: 4

#217: Awaiting Results from Hepatitis Test

I used to do a regular girls trip to Vegas each March.  Over the past few years, people have been popping out babies and doing other slightly more important things, so the trip has become less regular.  And, I think some people have outgrown Vegas, but not me.  Brad and I took a trip in December to see this show and during the trip:

I went to Old Vegas (Fremont Street).

I’ve never seen so many flip phones and meth-heads in the same locale.  I did love it ever so, nonetheless. The Old Strip boasts the largest LED light show in the world, a zip-line through the street, cheap beer  and lots of random street impersonators.  What more could you ask for?

Fun factor: 10

#216: Sheader Times Goes Viral

Brad and I want to have a virtual scrapbook of sorts because we do a lot of stuff but we both suck at taking pictures.  So, in the spirit of the new year and the times, we’ve decided to go virtual and do a joint blog to recap all of our escapades.  So:

I started a blog with someone else.  

You can read it here.  Fasten your seat belts and put on a diaper, because things about to get crazy over at Sheader Times, yo.

Fun factor: 8

#212, #213, #214, #215: Now we just need to learn how to make a profit.

Over the past six months or so, I plunged back into my card-making biz, Paper by Shea.  Brad has been uber helpful throughout the process and his efforts have really helped to get things moving.  He’s da bomb. There are series of new things I’ve done associated with the business, all below.

#212: I had a launch party for Paper by Shea.

We planned the launch party as a way to invite new and old friends together to check out the products and get a buzz going.  About 20 people showed up and the event was generally a success, aside from Brad being overserved.

The scene

I got a dedicated website for Paper by Shea.

It’s here, check it out! Over time, we will refine it and give it more capabilities, but for now, it gets the job done.

I created a studio for Paper by Shea.

This is one of my favorite things ever to happen!  We live in a loft, so it’s really just one big room with a few walls here and there.  The spare bedroom is now the Paper by Shea World Headquarters. When we have guests visiting, we can use an air mattress or couch it.

Supplies and Invoice Trays

Photo Station

Work Station

Product Storage

I sold my first order to a bona fide stranger!

The order came around 11pm and Brad came into the bedroom to wake me up, he was so excited.  I was in a sleep coma, so apparently I briefly woke up to do an Arsenio Hall fist pump, but drifted back to the pillow soon thereafter.  The next day I thought it was a dream.  If anyone out there peddles their own product, you know there’s nothing more exciting than making a sale to a stranger.  I love when anyone buys anything but there’s something about a stranger that makes you feel really validated.  She bought theses coin jars:

Fun Factor: 10++++++